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Greetings peoples out there on the year out, trust all is going well as can be expected, in the struggle out there, heres some possible job oppertunities:

  • AECOM  -  Not sure, maybe possibilities, massive firm

Main office:
63-67 Victoria St
St Albans

Contact - Mr Malcolm MacDonald

T - +44 (0)1628665555
M - +44 (0)7747863466
E - mrm@syntaxuk.com

Architecture | Engineering | Interior Design | Masterplanning | Urban Design
Location: Sheffield

Recruiting in London

GOOD LUCK........also with the year out seminar after Christmas strictly it is for those registered with the school,...but we may be interested in talking to students who haven't managed to get a placement, but are doing other weird and wonderful things or really dull things ?????? anyone interested please e-mail or just let me know what you are up to as there will be an article going out in the next A- Magazine on how architects can adapt their skills to other career opportunities. Or just keep in touch with what's going on in the big bad world....

Over and out, Peace and love. Dominic

MSA Year 4 blog up and running!

Greetings to all out there, just a quick rant to get the blog blab ball rolling, first of all big big thanks to Luke Tyson for doing all the donkey work to set up the blog, [contact Luke Tyson if interested on posting notices.....The idea of the blog is to keep all you Year Outers in touch with each other with what's going on regarding job or any opportunities, lectures, events, exhibitions etc etc.... to act as a bridge and link between 3rd
and 5th year.......one idea is to get together a list of Arts groups, voluntary groups, charity
groups, whereby students can attach themselves to such a group and start to develop opportunities and groups of you together do develop other interests and career paths and so much more ??? ...keep in touch with other blogs/ notices ie Look Up and MSSA blog on web site....see also previous note below... Anyway more to follow, spread the word. Over and out for now.