MSA Year 4 blog up and running!

Greetings to all out there, just a quick rant to get the blog blab ball rolling, first of all big big thanks to Luke Tyson for doing all the donkey work to set up the blog, [contact Luke Tyson if interested on posting notices.....The idea of the blog is to keep all you Year Outers in touch with each other with what's going on regarding job or any opportunities, lectures, events, exhibitions etc etc.... to act as a bridge and link between 3rd
and 5th idea is to get together a list of Arts groups, voluntary groups, charity
groups, whereby students can attach themselves to such a group and start to develop opportunities and groups of you together do develop other interests and career paths and so much more ??? ...keep in touch with other blogs/ notices ie Look Up and MSSA blog on web site....see also previous note below... Anyway more to follow, spread the word. Over and out for now.


Hale the Welsh Machine said...

nice blog jack, how many ppl r now involved? Whos returning to Manchester?

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